What we do:


3D Design

3D modeling

Your visions and ideas should not remain in your head. We will help you visualize them.

3D Printing


3D printing offers great time savings

and money, in production or presentation.


Physical models

Once there is something to be proud of and you feel that others should see it too.

VR | AR | XR

Reality on request

A virtual world where it's just

what do you want. We can delete the rest.

Thermal insulation plasters

Thin-layer insulating materials

Research into the application of materials that have significantly higher thermal insulation properties than materials commonly used today.

3D printed protective shields for paramedics


Thanks to a high-quality 3D model from the pomoznemocnici.sk project, every day we donated protective shields for healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic .

The production was provided by our Václav Kučera , who also joined forces with his surroundings, namely Tomáš Kučera and Dominik Kadera .

Coordination of shield deliveries was provided by our company representative MUDr. Veronika Stankovičová .





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