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Sell your physical assets through immersive in hand experience.

We providing high-end industrial All-in-One presentation solution.

Cross platform

Our web browser solution is ready to provide the same results on any web browser across all major platforms.

Windows and macOS

are supported!

3D presentation

Make your presentation stand out with interactive 3D assets at your web presentation.

It's a simple and effective way to make a huge difference!

AR ready

Show your 3-dimensional products in physical space to make your partners understand your solution.

iOS and Android

are supported!

Image by Amarnath Tade

Present your assets without spending
additional money on transport and displays.

3D web view

Use your webpage as an interactive 3D preview. 


Present effectively Unique Selling Points and interact in real time with
3D object at your webpage. You can fully describe your product in one, smooth experience. 

AR viewer

Use your mobile device
to explore AR functionality.

Use your mobile device to view BMW 3´F30 with our BJ Iconic lights CODE  in augmented reality. You can place any digital 3D object into real world just by click on the button!

Every customer can easily use AR to place your asset with exact dimensions into their office or workplace with an accuracy of centimetres.


Beyond pictures

Lot has changed during 2020 and we are here to provide an opportunity to change the way you present your 

Make your web presentation stand out beyond pictures to fully leverage the potential of w-w-web platform.



Technologická i ideová, vhodnost pro koncept Country For The Future.


Variabilita rozsahu, detailu zpracování včetně funkcionalit dle individuálních potřeb.


Prvotní wow-efekt, atraktivita a příjemnost vizuálního zpracování.


Schopnost prezentovat uceleně český průmysl včetně jeho jednotlivých odvětví. 


Využitelnost pro široké spektrum různých produktů a oborů napříč zeměkoulí.


Nenáročnost na obsluhu, nezávislost na speciálním hardwaru a softwaru.

Stůl s notebookem

Runs everywhere

Our cross platform web browser solution is ready to provide the same results on any across all major platforms!

Our business partner can use Mac or Windows computer, iOS or Android phone. 



web browsers 

Our platform supports all commonly used web browsers running on Mac and Windows PC.

For mobile AR we provide a way how to enrich the experience with mobile AR. You will be capable of hi precision AR placement of your digital objects into the real world with size accuracy of centimetres.

Shadow DOM

Resize Observer

WebXR Device API

Custom Elements

AR support

AR Kit on iOS or iPadOS

AR Core on Android

Our Team

Our team is based on professionals from design and technology.

The deep focus in immersive technologies bounding together professionals

on Virtual and Augmented Reality projects.

Jan Petrmichl

Lead designer of our web-based 3D/AR spatial platform for High-Fidelity asset visualisation at real industry environments.

Patrik Jakes

Entrepreneur and pioneer of immersive technology and application for everyday use in coming spatial computing age.

Adam Skokan

Lead developer of AR applications in our international team of MR IEM and web-based platforms for the future.

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4.0 revolution of presentation?